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Our Services

Our primary services are Ministry Budget Planning, Staff Training, Compensation Studies and Bookkeeping. These 4 services allow us to help you and keep your ministry thriving for years to come.

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Ministry/Budget Planning Process ("SEEK")

Our budget planning process helps tie your financial plan to your vision and goals for ministry. The process is undergirded with the conviction that church finances need to follow ministry plans – not vice-versa. The S.E.E.K. process allows for an appropriate involvement of the laity (those closest to the action of ministry and those needing to carry out ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) in the planning process which results in ownership and higher levels of commitment and giving. The process is easily altered based upon the Pastor’s leadership style and the church’s willingness to embrace change. 

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Human resources are a vital discipline to any and every organization. Although, often times the human resourcing side of running an organization takes a Pastor or leadership team’s attention away from the crucial parts of what their calling is. In-Rhythm desires to help pastors and their teams by allowing them to focus on the more important things that the Lord has called them too by lifting some of the burden of human resourcing. In keeping with state and federal regulations, we can create a custom personnel and human resourcing plan that we walk with you to implement. Some of the elements that go into these plans are: 

  • Employment recruitment, onboarding and termination

  • Employee evaluations

  • Compensation philosophy, strategy and planning

  • Compensation studies

  • Benefits consultation and negotiation. 

  • Employee training and leadership development 

  • Organizational health assessment, planning, and strategy

  • Policy and Bylaw creation and/or revisions

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Church Administration

Are your church's systems, controls, and processes the most efficient and streamlined? 

Vendor relationships and contract negotiations
The church is a business. As an entity, we are perfectly happy to pay for what we purchase from a vendor; but we want to be certain we receive the full benefit of what we pay for. In- Rhythm can assist a church’s purchasing decision-makers using a list of best practices in negotiating with vendors and assuring the Lord’s money is not to be wasted. Existing vendor relationships will be reviewed one at a time and tested for value in this process. 

Construction Project Management – Strategic Ministry Planning

Hiring and working with construction professionals – Procurement method option reviews Blown construction budgets and bad contractor relationships have reaped as much havoc on ministries in this century as anything which can potentially tear a church apart. How do you keep your church building project from blemishing the name of Christ and your church in the community? Is there a way to assure your project will be a joyous journey of faith rather than a burden to get behind you? In-Rhythm has successfully facilitated the design and construction of church building projects totaling more than 600,000 square feet of facility space and costing more than $80,000,000.00 in combined project costs complete projects from concept design through construction and occupancy. Every one of these projects was completed on- time and under budget. To date there has not been a single unresolved claim between the church and any contractor which participated. We are very familiar with the different types of construction methods and contracts. We can explain the benefits and potential traps of each. While we do not actually provide the services of actual design and construction or even construction management - we can certainly prepare your church leaders with what they need to know well before engaging a single one of them. 

Policy & Procedure Creation/Revisions

We are available to help with the following:

  • By-law revisions

  • Personnel policies

  • Financial policies & procedures

  • Compensation philosophy


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Our desire is to provide the leaders of the organization a clear picture of where the organization stands financially, and to ensure that the decision makers have all of the pertinent information to make a fully informed decision.

A young and growing church cannot yet afford or justify the hiring of a staff church business administrator or a staff personnel administrator. Yet these are the very churches which need and benefit the most from the value of experienced administrative assistance. Convictions and decisions made during these critical formative years in a ministry will help, haunt or hinder the church for years to come. Bookkeeping services for these churches is usually provided by a secular business bookkeeper or a lay person in the church. As a result, accounting becomes more of a duty than a tool making it difficult to tie the vision and goals of the ministry to its financial planning and analysis. 

In-Rhythm will provide your church with custom monthly bookkeeping services along with the turn-key administration of the church’s annual budget process, monthly cash management analysis, personnel / salary administration and strategic financial planning processes. The monthly fee to retain In-Rhythm as your bookkeeper and virtual church administrator will include on-site scheduled monthly meetings and will be complimented by unlimited access for any questions and recommendations during the contract period. Reports and analysis provided by In-Rhythm will enhance the church leadership’s ability to accomplish the critical goals of the ministry. 

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